The Seventeen Method 17 Simple But Deadly Effective Email Marketing Tweaks


Well yes – if things go to plan that is exactly what happens. But when you have multiple lists and multiple offers on the go, it’s easy for things to run away from you – they did with me – which is why I wanted to look at what I was doing a little more.

Making money from email marketing is not rocket science, to use a cliché, here’s how I did it –

1. I simply created a checklist to keep track of which of the methods I’m going to show you I used on each particular list.

2. I started using the methods in this book

Does that sound way too simple to believe?

I agree – but it works like you wouldn’t believe.

Here’s a list of the major & immediate benefits my simple checklist brings to my business every day:

  I sell more of my own products

  My sales increase for the resell right and PLR products I sell

  My affiliate income increases and I get more affiliates

  I gain more incoming links to my sites, which increases my page ranking

  I attract more JV partners

Obviously all the points above make a huge difference in my income. It can for you too.

If you haven’t yet got a list you’ll need one – that’s covered a little later. Once you’ve seen how profitable sending a few simple emails to a list can be

you’ll never look back.

But it gets better – apart from the points above, look at these:

These secondary benefits provided a major increase in my various income streams:

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