Picture a runner in full stride. He speeds through a pack of contenders, but he begins to look at whom he’s running against. What is the inevitable conclusion to this scene? That runner will slow down and probably

stumble. The same will happen to us if we allow the distraction of envy to turn our head as we run the race set before us. Instead of breaking records, we are breaking our momentum.


“The man who covets is always poor” (Claudian). Envy never enriched any man. “Of all the passions, jealously is that which exacts the hardest service and pays the bitterest wages. Its service is to watch the success of our enemy; its wages, to be sure of it” (Charles Colton).

Envy is like biting a dog because the dog bit you. Here is an accurate description: “Envy shoots at others and wounds herself” (English Proverb). It is self-punishment. “A relaxed attitude lengthens a mans life; jealousy rots it away” (Proverbs). Like rust consumes iron, envy consumes itself.

Envy drains the joy, satisfaction, and purpose out of living. If allowed to grow, it breeds hate and revenge. Revenge converts a little right into a big wrong. Watch out! It is an appetite that is never satisfied.

“It is not love that is blind, but jealousy” (Lawrence Durrell). Envy sees the sea but not the rocks. “When an envious man hears another praised, he feels himself injured” (English Proverb).

“Love looks through a telescope, envy through a microscope” (Josh Billings). We underrate or exaggerate that which we don’t possess. Your life is too valuable to waste by wanting what others have.

Some people seem to know how to live everybody’s lives but their own. Envy is the consuming desire to have everybody else a little less successful than you are. Don’t measure your success by what others have or haven’t done.

Envy is a tremendous waste of mental energy. Refrain from it- it will be the root of most of your unhappiness. Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to achievers.

A person is wise when they don’t long for the things that they don’t have, but is thankful for those things that they do have. Continually compare what you want with what you have, and you will be unhappy. Instead, compare what you deserve with what you have, and you will be happy. Decide to stick with appreciation. Envy is too great a burden to bear.

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