How Your Child Learns Best

How Your Child Learns Bestf

How Your Child Learns Best Brain-Friendly Strategies You Can Use to Ignite Your Child’s Learning and, There are disturbing changes underway in today’s school systems. new The Whole-Brain Child 12
meanwhile, primarily evaluate rote memory. Teaching “to” tests like these inevitably
focuses resources and curriculum on the lower-scoring students.

Indeed The pressure to bring up test scores for these struggling students limits time for the kinds of individualized learning that challenges all students to
reach their highest potential, and teachers have less opportunity to
encourage creative thinking and incorporate hands-on activities. best The Explosive Child A New Approach

When education is not enriched by exploration, discovery, problem solving, and creative thinking, students are not truly engaged in their own learning.
drills, more and more students are developing negative feelings about
mathematics, science, history, grammar, and writing. moreover Neuroimaging and new brain-wave technology provide evidence that not stored in long-term memory. But As students lose interest in lecture and-memorize classes, their attention wanders, and disruptive behaviors
are a natural consequence. How Your Child Learns Best.

Take a moment to consider what goals you have for your child right now.
Once you establish your goals and identify your child’s learning strengths,
look for suggestions about achieving those goals in each subject chapter.
If you want to increase your child’s interest in reading, for example, turn
to the section about reading motivation.

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