The Whole-Brain Child 12

The Whole-Brain Child

The Whole-Brain Child 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind,

Parents are often experts about their children’s bodies. They know
that a temperature above 98.6 degrees is a fever. They know to
clean out a cut so it doesn’t get infected. They know which foods
are most likely to leave their child wired before bedtime.
But even the most caring, best-educated parents often lack basic
information about their child’s brain. Isn’t this surprising?
Especially when you consider the central role the brain plays in
virtually every aspect of a child’s life that parents care about:
discipline, decision making, self-awareness, school, relationships,
and so on. In fact, the brain pretty much determines who we are
and what we do. And since the brain itself is signiɹcantly shaped
by the experiences we oʃer as parents, knowing about the way the
brain changes in response to our parenting can help us to nurture a
stronger, more resilient child. new The Explosive Child A New Approach

So we want to introduce you to the whole-brain perspective.
We’d like to explain some fundamental concepts about the brain
and help you apply your new knowledge in ways that will make
parenting easier and more meaningful. We’re not saying that
raising a whole-brain child will get rid of all the frustrations that
come with parenting. But by understanding a few simple and easy-tomaster basics about how the brain works, you’ll be able to better
understand your child, respond more eʃectively to diɽcult situations,
and build a foundation for social, emotional, and mental health. free

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