Social Bookmarking Intelligence

Social Bookmarking Intelligence

moreover, There are many web tools , and social Bookmarking sites which
allow the easy creation of Social Bookmarks . Simply register with a
site such as www.cnetbuy.cm and
where you can store Social Bookmarks and add Tagging
– a simple categorizing exercise to make finding these sites easier for
everyone. best The Science of Getting Rich

then, Visitors to these websites can quickly find your Social Bookmarks by
searching for websites by such criteria as keywords, phrases ,tag related
to your subject interest
Social content websites like , propeller ,delicious, and afterward
allow people to share their favorite websites with others and in ,most
cases enable the addition of comments. subsequently It’s becoming common for websites to include icons or links to the most popular social tagging sites
to encourage visitors to tag them, with a view to generating more site

But, Tagging therefore forms a vital element of social media optimization
(SMO), a way to enhance the placement of websites on social media
sites . It also forms an important part of Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) since it builds ‘link popularity’ for your pages. Social Bookmarking Intelligence.

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