Learn Almost Anything in 48 Hours

Learn Almost Anything in 48 Hours

How to Learn Almost Anything in 48 Hours Shortcuts and brain hacks for learning new skills fast, Movement. Movement makes a static image dynamic. Using the impress copy How to Win Friends Influence
whiteboard example, we can now visualise it spinning around, moving from side to side, or even growing legs and walking out of the room. The subject could even be you moving around the object—maybe you’re flying around it or vice versa. Movement creates traction in the brain that connects its subject, making it more memorable.

Association. Without association there is no connection. If there is no
connection then there is no memory. Visualise a pen next to paper—this is a
weak association because there is no physical connection, but if the pen
writes on the paper there is a connection. But to make this more exciting
and memorable, what if the pen scribbles on the paper, ripping it to shreds?
Writing on paper is a very logical and common thing. The shredding story
doesn’t occur every day so it’s more memorable, with the brain saying,
‘Wow, what just happened?’ new The Power of Self-Discipline

Indeed.. Learn Almost Anything in 48 Hours

Sexuality/Self. Tony Buzan says we all have a good memory around this
topic so let’s use it. Maybe what you’re trying to remember or visualise
resembles a certain body part. There are many ways to use this type of
imagery for people so inclined. When I’m working with kids, though, I tell
them to visualise themselves as the subject: imagine being the actual
whiteboard. How does it feel to have people write on your face all day? Do
you get a kick out of it or are you stuck and wishing to be free?

Humour. Something funny can be a huge help with your visualising. This
doesn’t mean you have to be the funniest person in the room, it means use
what’s funny to you. When I meet someone called John, for example, I
immediately picture him sitting on a toilet. For me that’s funny, for others it
may not be—but it is memorable. I believe comedians are often super creative beings because they find ways to communicate a point and to make
it entertaining and unique. If you want to exercise your creativity, why not
learn more about comedy? …….. free

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