Why Some Entrepreneurs Rich

Why Some Entrepreneurs Rich

Midas Touch Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich-And Why Most Don’t, This is a book about entrepreneurs, and what makes entrepreneurs different.
This is a book for those people who are already entrepreneurs or for those
who would like to be.
This is not a textbook written by college professors who teach
entrepreneurship. It doesn’t paint a rosy picture or provide a clinical, stepby-step path to success. Both are unrealistic, and this book is very realistic. new Noble Use Of Money

moreover, That’s because it’s a book written by entrepreneurs who have won, failed,
and battled back to win, again and again. And in it, we openly tell our
The entrepreneur’s ability to dream, win, lose, and win again and again is
often called entrepreneurial spirit. It is what separates the entrepreneur
from everyone else in business. It is also what separates those who they want
to be entrepreneurs from those who can be entrepreneurs.

This book has been in the works for nearly three years. We have continued
our efforts on it because we both believe that only entrepreneurs create real
jobs. And when the world experiences unprecedented levels of
unemployment, jobs are what this world needs. new The Art of Money Getting
Chronic unemployment causes social unrest which can lead to revolution.
The 2011 riots in the Middle East are cases in point. They are uprisings
fueled by people who are willing, capable and eager to work, but who lack
opportunity. They live in societies with chronically high unemployment.
China shudders at the thought of their exports slowing and is horrified at the
possibility of millions of unemployed workers. The U.S. government shares
similar concerns and spends billions attempting to create jobs through
government legislation and programs. Why Some Entrepreneurs Rich

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