A Christian Point of View

A Christian Point of View

Prison Planet: A Christian Point of View, Have you ever wondered why you are here? I guess the question has always been
around and the answers are numerous. Your knowledge probably began in school
which referred to everything as mass and energy. There were many theories on how the
design of this universe came into existence although there is not much evidence to

support most theories. I decided to look at the matter from the viewpoint of most people
without any religious or scientific influence. Basically you can look around and you will
notice that this planet is self-sustaining. It does not have a thermostat to set the (717 Quotes & Sayings)
temperature; you don‟t need to supply it with water, food, or power. These systems are
already in place. The Earth comes with all the raw materials that are naturally
recyclable. To test these theories just leave something alone in the weather. You will

Endure A Christian Point of View

find over time it will return to the Earth. Then you have man. The quest of man is trying
to determine how everything works and why this is the only planet with intelligent life. The Billinnium Saga
For many years man has studied creation and has yet to figure out how to make the
most basic thing which is life. We do our best to sustain life through advanced medical

care but we cannot create life. It seems strange to me that everyone knows they will die
yet the memory of generations before us gets cloudy over time. I could not name my
family just two generations prior to me. How did you get here? You had no choice in
where or to whom you were born. It is hard for me to believe everything around me
including myself was a roll of the dice. I believe this sums up the struggle that most
people have. THE RETURN OF SHE
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