One Night with Stranger


One Night with Stranger, “How about that hottie at the end of the bar? If this were my one-night
stand, he’s the guy I’d pick.”
Lisa Randall followed her best friend’s gaze. Courtney had good taste. The
man swiveling on a black leather stool had dusky brown eyes, the enticing
shadow of beard along his hard-planed cheek, and broad shoulders that narrowed
to slim hips. But… “I didn’t say I was going to do it. Just considering it.”

Well consider fast, Girlfriend, before someone else scoops him up.”
Courtney licked her lips. “Possibly me.”
“What about Jared?”
Courtney shrugged. “What about him?”
Lisa rolled her eyes. Since they’d moved to L.A. from Texas, Court had
been involved in four relationships–five if you counted the guy they’d met
driving out here and stayed with for a couple of weeks until they’d gotten settled.

Fun-for-the-moment guys, but not husband material. Courtney wasn’t looking
for long-term.
But Lisa was. And in the last two years all she’d met were Mr. Wrongs.
“Well?” Courtney nudged her shoulder.
Lisa slid toward the edge of the booth for a better view. “I’m thinking.”
“Stalling, you mean.” false impression
Her heart hammered with the same intensity as when she’d had to sing a

solo for fifth grade graduation. “What if he isn’t interested?”
Courtney sipped her pinacolada. “Only one way to find out.”
This was crazy. But sometimes, after a bad breakup, it was good to
‘cleanse the palate,’ right? At the thought of partaking of that delicious specimen of maleness, Lisa’s mouth watered. “Hey,” he said. His voice was deep and yet mellow, smooth as sanded
glass. “Can I buy you a drink?”Okay, so he wasn’t any more polished at this than she .Download for free bellow

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