Introduction to Law Jaap

Introduction to Law Jaap

Introduction to Law Jaap, The main question that must be answered in any law deals with the
nature of law. It does not seem to make much sense to write about law if it is not
clear what law is.
Although the need for characterization of law’s nature is obvious, it is a need that
is not so easily satisfied. The law is multifaceted, and arguably it has been in flux
over the years. In the current age of globalization and Europeanization, it is
changing at high speed. It is therefore not possible to give a short definition of
law from the outset. What is possible, however, is to mention a few characteristics
of law. The majority of legal phenomena shares most of these characteristics, but
not all legal phenomena share all of them.

Collective Enforcement One characteristic that distinguishes legal rules from
other rules is that the former are normally enforced by collective means and in
particular by organs of the state, while this is not true for the latter. Moreover, legal
sanctions have very specific sanctions, such as incarceration, fines, compensation of
damage, etc., while the sanctions of nonlegal rules are less specific. about Download bellow.

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