The Essential Rumi Barks

the essential rumi

The Essential Rumi Barks, This comprehensive, one-volume collection is translated by noted Rumi expert Coleman Barks, and contains more than fifty poems that have never published before. The Essential Rumi is clearly the definitive selection of Rumi’s poetry.The Essential Rumi is a part of the Essential series, beautifully packaged works edited by leading authorities that feature the core texts of major religious traditions in definitive translations.Coleman Barks is a renowned poet and the bestselling author of The Essential Rumi, The Soul of Rumi, and Rumi: The Book of Love. He was prominently featured in both of Bill Moyers’s PBS television series on poetry, “The Language of Life” and “Fooling with Words.” He taught English and poetry at the University of Georgia for many years, and now focuses on writing, readings, and performances. moreover, He lives in Athens, GA.  But his life changed forever when he met the powerful wandering dervish, Shams of Tabriz, of whom Rumi said, “What I had thought of before as God,

The Essential Rumi, I met today in a human being.” From this mysterious and esoteric friendship came a new height of spiritual enlightenment. When Shams disappeared, Rumi began his transformation from scholar to artist, and his poetry began to fly. Today, the ecstatic poetry of Jelaluddin Rumi is more popular than ever, and Coleman Barks, through his musical and magical translations, has been instrumental in bringing this exquisite literature to devoted followers. Download for free bellow

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