Introduction to Human Nutrition

Introduction to Human Nutrition

Introduction to Human Nutrition, The major purpose of this series of four textbooks on nutrition is to guide the nutrition student through the exciting journey of discovery of nutrition as a science. As apprentices in nutrition science and practice students will learn how to collect, systemized, and classify knowledge by reading, experimentation, observation,
and reasoning. nonetheless, but, The road for this journey was mapped
out millennia ago. The knowledge that nutrition –
what we choose to eat and drink – influences our
health, well-being, and quality of life is as old as
human history. For millions of years the quest for
food has helped to shape human development, the
organization of society and history itself. Introduction to Human Nutrition, It has influenced wars, population growth, urban expansion, economic and political theory, religion, science, medicine, and technological development.

These include molecular biology,
genetics, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, food
science, microbiology, physiology, pathology,
immunology, psychology, sociology, political science,
anthropology, agriculture, pharmacology, communications, and economics. Nutrition departments are,
therefore, often found in Medical (Health) or Social
Science, or Pharmacy, or Agriculture Faculties at
tertiary training institutions

however, It was only in the second half of the eighteenth
century that nutrition started to experience its firstrenaissance with the observation by scientists that intakes of certain foods, later called nutrients, and
eventually other substances not yet classified as nutrition.

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