Psychology Self-Teaching Guide

Psychology Self-Teaching Guide

Psychology Self-Teaching Guide. From a historical perspective, the first school of psychology to be established was structuralism. Its founding personality was Wilhelm (1832–1920).
As already noted, he founded the world’s first psychological laboratory. Wund
was trained in physiology, the study of the functions of the body. He became interested in studying not so much the physiology, of the sense organs such as the eyes
and ears, but in how simple sensations associated with the sense organs combined
to form what we call human consciousness.

  • . A counseling psychologist
  • . Developmental psychologist
  • . Human factors psychologist

Imagine that you are looking at an oil painting of a landscape. You perceive
trees, a river, a valley, and a sky. But what are the elemental sensations, the basic
building blocks, its is direct number.

Psychology Self-Teaching Guide. that make the visual grasp of the picture possible? What, in a word,
is the “structure” of your consciousness? Wundt trained assistants in the art of
introspection, a skill characterized by paying attention not to the whole pattern, but who need the wisdome .

  1. The primary subject matter of psychology is
    a. the philosophical concept of the psyche
    b. the behavior of organisms
    c. the conscious mind
    d. the unconscious mind

What school of psychology indicates that it is important to study behavior
itself, not the mind or consciousness? Download for free bellow

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