Genius Foods Become Smarter

Genius Foods Become Smarter

Genius Foods Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life Does my mom have Alzheimer’s disease? Isn’t that
something only old people get?
How could she have it, and at this age?
Grandma is ninety-four and she’s fine.
Why is mom acting so calm? Does she understand what
this means? Do I?
How long does she have before . . . whatever comes next?
What does come next? Genius Foods Become Smarter and happier,

The neurologist had mentioned “Parkinson’s Plus.” Plus
what? “Plus” had sounded like a bonus. Economy Plus
means more legroom—usually a good thing. Pert Plus was
shampoo plus conditioner, also a good thing. No. My mom
was prescribed medicines for Parkinson’s disease plus
Alzheimer’s disease. Her “bonus feature” was the symptoms
of a bonus disease.

As I read about the pills I was still holding, repeating
phrases stuck out to me.
“No disease-modifying ability.”
“Limited efficacy.”
“Like a Band-Aid.”

Even the doctor had seemed resigned. (I later learned a
cold joke circulated among med school students about
neurology: “Neurologists don’t treat disease, they admire
That night I was sitting alone in our Holiday Inn suite, a
couple of blocks from the hospital Download for free bellow

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