Money Won’t Make You Rich

Money Won’t Make You Rich


Money wont make you rich: because it is not meant to do so.
To be rich is to understand the meaning of money and wealth
and to know the difference between the two. Money is not necessarily wealth, so most people who desire to be rich are not necessarily looking for money. What they are actually looking for is wealth.

Money only comes to people who are already rich or wealthy
in spirit and soul, so it’s actually not money that makes you rich—
you are rich before money even comes your way. Money only responds when these elements are in place, and until such a time, money won’t move in your direction. Money won’t make you rich, because a man who is poor in
spirit is poor altogether, even when he has a lot of money in his
pocket. Money without the wealth of the soul is equaled to a compilation of sorrows and regrets. Only God enriches without adding sorrow to it.
Money doesn’t come to good people—because there are millions of good people who aren’t rich.

Money doesn’t come to educated people—because there are
so many educated people living middle-class lives in our world
today. wealth doesn’t even come to churchgoers or Christians. If that
were the case, then our churches would be filled with millionaires!
As a matter of fact, money doesn’t necessarily come to business people, as so many are struggling even to make ends meet.

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