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  1. CLOCKS: Many methods for marketing include avoiding placing clocks or any digital displays which can give shoppers a sense of time. The goal is to never put clocks in stores because customers will lose track of other responsibilities and continue to shop for hours when their intention may have been 15 minutes had there been a few analog clocks throughout the store.
  2. GROCERY CARTS: Have you ever noticed how much larger grocery carts have become over the years? They have almost doubled in size compared to my grandparents’ time. The larger the buggy the more you will buy unconsciously whether or not you want to. ALSO have you ever noticed that there aren’t baskets in certain stores but there are carts? This is because marketers know that if you use a basket you will be more conscious of how much money you are spending because you will feel the weight of the items and buy less. Four items in a large cart doesn’t seem like much but when you are carrying it around the store it does. It’s so simple but marketers play tricks on our sub-conscious. That’s why paying with cash helps because the action of paying is more conscious and tangible, which helps you to actually see how much money you are spending.
  3. PRICE TRICKS: What seems more to you – $9.99 Bread or 9.99 Bread? Your brain normally will unconsciously assume that 9.99 is less. That’s why some retailers and even owners of restaurants have abandoned the dollar sign. The dollar sign/symbol makes the number associated with money otherwise it’s just a number to us. download bellow

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