Think Python A Computer Scientist

Think Python A Computer Scientist

Jan Gundtofte-Bruun reminded us that “a error” is an error.
Abel David and Alexis Dinno reminded us that the plural of “matrix” is “matrices”, not
“matrixes”. This error was in the book for years, but two readers with the same initials
reported it on the same day. Weird.
Charles Thayer encouraged us to get rid of the semicolons we had put at the ends of
some statements and to clean up our use of “argument” and “parameter”.
Roger Sperberg pointed out a twisted piece of logic in Chapter 3.

Sam Bull pointed out a confusing paragraph in Chapter 2.
Andrew Cheung pointed out two instances of “use before def”.
C. Corey Capel spotted a missing word and a typo in Chapter 4.
Alessandra helped clear up some Turtle confusion.
Wim Champagne found a braino in a dictionary example.
Douglas Wright pointed out a problem with floor division in arc.
Jared Spindor found some jetsam at the end of a sentence.
Lin Peiheng sent a number of very helpful suggestions.

Ray Hagtvedt sent in two errors and a not-quite-error.
Torsten Hübsch pointed out an inconsistency in Swampy.
Inga Petuhhov corrected an example in Chapter 14.
Arne Babenhauserheide sent several helpful corrections.
Mark E. Casida is is good at spotting repeated words.
Scott Tyler filled in a that was missing. And then sent in a heap of corrections.
Gordon Shephard sent in several corrections, all in separate emails. PYTHON Download for free bellow

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