How to Change Your Mind Mostly

“What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness SCIENCE OF PSYCHEDELICS”

psychedelic himself; Roland Griffiths had told me he thought it was
possible. (“Bob was a jazz musician,” Griffiths told me, “so I wouldn’t be
at all surprised.”) But Johanson said no. “He was definitely curious about
them,” she told me, “but I think he was too afraid. We were martini
people.” I asked if he was a spiritual man. “Not really, though I think he
would have liked to have been.”

Jesse, not quite sure what Schuster would make of the meeting,
arranged to have Jim Fadiman bunk with him, instructing Fadiman, a
psychologist, to check him out. “Early the next morning Jim found me
and said, ‘Bob, mission accomplished. You have found a gem of a human
Schuster thoroughly enjoyed his time at Esalen, according to his wife.
He took part in a drumming circle Jesse had arranged—you don’t leave
Esalen without doing some such thing—and was amazed to discover how
easily he could slip into a trance. But Schuster also made some key
contributions to the group’s deliberations

” Why a mistake? Because Bob Jesse was ultimately less
interested in people’s mental problems than with their spiritual wellbeing—in using entheogens for the betterment of well people. Download for free bellow

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