Pumping Up Piglipple Happiness

Pumping Up Piglipple Happiness

Pumping Up Piglipple Happiness, Unless of course, it’s your own house. When a bad thing happens to you, that’s when you stop automatically enjoying a bad thing. It’s just like amusement. We all love humor except when we’re the butt of someone else’s joke. Then we are not amused at all. But the reason is not because of the bad thing itself. It’s because of what your mind does with it. How your mind perceives the things you experience determines how much life you are able to experience. similar book The Art of Public Speaking

This natural flow of happiness is universal. All human beings have the same potential for experiencing it, Happiness isn’t fun. At least not when it’s missing. And it tends to go missing in folks who are always in
a hurry. For them, trying to find happiness is as much
fun as trying to find their car keys when they’re
already running five minutes late for work. And their cell phone is
ringing. their spouse is nagging. And the baby is crying. And
the dog just crapped in the hallway. The Social Skills Guidebook

“Now where are those keys,
damnit! Oh geez, what did I just step in?! I don’t have time for
this kind of crap! Son-of-a-bitch!” Pumping Up Piglipple Happiness
Not everyone’s in such a big-assed hurry. Some lucky folks are
bequeathed with all the time in the universe. And they use that
time to conduct their search for happiness in a methodical,
meticulous manner. Yet even for them happiness can be elusive.
For them, trying to find inner joy can be like going on a snipe hunt.

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