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Loved Oh, There was no month as beautiful as the month of March. At least not in Nigeria. And not to the best of my knowledge. The best day in the month of March was the twelfth—the day I was born. A day I celebrated every year since I smelt freedom. And of all the ones I’d experienced, this was the best. My thirty-first birthday. similar book

The previous year, I had been down with malaria, depriving me of enjoying my thirtieth birthday. My thirtieth birthday party had been a small one organized by my best friend in my apartment

indeed tittered as my MUA—short for make-up artist—transformed my face. I had never looked this good, or so I thought. I muttered a word of prayer for Adaora, my best friend who paid the MUA’s bill. She was the best friend anyone could have.

The MUA nodded. “I’m done. You look amazing. Look at the mirror and tell me what you think,” she said, smiling.

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however, I knew she had done a perfect job. I had been stealing glances at the mirror every now and then. She never dissuaded me. She was adept and patient.

But, when stared at my reflection in the mirror, simpering. “I love it.” I nodded. “So much,” I quickly added. It was true. I loved what I saw in the mirror.

“I’m glad you do. Now let’s get you dressed up,” she said. She stepped aside as I stood from the chair. Her work was done. It was left for my costumier to do hers.

Within an hour, I was out in my first wear of the day—a shirt tucked into a mini skirt with a fitting bolero, and a flowered silk sash tied around my neck in a way that called attention to the tiny gold jewellery on my neck. I intended changing wear four times, at least, if time wouldn’t permit more. It was my day. I had to shine. Download for free bellow

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