The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work


It’s a surprisingly cloudless Seattle morning as newly-weds
Mark and Janice Gordon sit down to breakfast. Outside the
apartment’s picture window, the waters of Mont lake cut a deep-blue
swath, while runners jog and geese waddle along the lakeside park.
Mark and Janice are enjoying the view as they munch on their French
toast and share the Sunday paper. Later Mark will probably switch on
the football game while Janice chats over the phone with her mom in
St. Louis.

All seems ordinary enough inside this studio apartment–until
you notice the three video cameras bolted to the wall, the
microphones clipped talk-show style to Mark’s and Janice’s collars,
and the Holter monitors strapped around their chests. Mark and
Janice’s lovely studio with a view is really not their apartment at all.
It’s a laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle, where for
sixteen years I have spearheaded the most extensive and innovative
research ever into marriage and divorce.

As part of one of these studies, Mark and Janice (as well as
forty-nine other randomly selected couples) volunteered to stay overnight in our fabricated apartment, affectionately known as the Love .marriage books too.

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