how to win the money game with or without a man.


I must have appeared confident and in control as I took the stage at the kickoff of
the Act Like a Success tour to face the largest audience I’d ever addressed. Hair
and makeup flawless, I looked pulled together and self-assured, but my knees
felt like they could buckle at any moment. More than six thousand men and
women who wanted to do more with their lives, people who wanted to have
more purpose, more fulfillment, and more material success, sat at attention.
I’ve done a lot of speaking over the last several years, but this moment was
surreal. I was the opening act to the man who had once been my boss when I was
just a college intern. I shared my story and some specific strategies, and as I left
the stage, applause lingered behind me.

I was enjoying the satisfaction of
knowing I’d touched people, inspired them to believe in their potential, and
given them tools to take ownership of their financial well-being, when I ran into
the man they’d all come to see. I’d just opened for the founder of the
Neighborhood Awards, nationally syndicated radio host, television personality,
and media mogul Steve Harvey.
He’d chosen me, the little girl from South Central, Los Angeles, a
neighborhood infamous for illegal drugs, street gangs, and civil unrest following
the Rodney King verdict, to speak on the main stage of his premier event. Download below

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