Black Hat SEO For Beginners.


Introduction In the past, it was a rare event to see a website that had a privacy policy or a Terms and Conditions page, but today more and more are ensuring that there are links to these pages on the bottom of their web pages. The same is true for disclaimers. Depending on the type of Internet business you have, you may only need one of these or you may need all three of these posted on your website to protect you in the event that you are sued.

There are various reasons that people may decide to sue you, but in most cases it is because they took your website to mean you claimed results or results from services, that you do not guarantee.

Although, these disclaimers and policies may not protect you entirely in a court of law, the mere fact that you include them on your website does provide you with a legal leg to stand on and shows that you do not take responsibility should a person follow through with the procedure or results you have claimed when the reader of your site or the purchaser of your product does not see the same results and decides to sue you. Privacy Policy…….DOWNLOAD


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