Game Engine Black Book. 3D (v2.1)

Fabien Sanglard

At id software, we had enjoyed great success with our Commander Keen games, based on my childhood, my love of science fiction, and Chuck Jones’ Warner Brothers cartoons. Now John Romero, one of the four co-founders of id (along with myself, John Carmack, and Adrian Carmack – no relation) talked with Paul Neurath of Looking Glass Studios about a new game they were making (Ultima Underworld). Romero got off the phone and said, “Paul said they are doing a thing called ’texture mapping’.” John Carmack looked up and to his left, thought a bit, and said, “I can do that.” We then started on a path to that goal.

Hovertank 3D (also known as Hovertank One) was a simple drive-through-the-colored-wall maze shooter. Drive your tank with its turret in the bottom center of the screen. Shoot monsters, rescue humans. It, and the games that followed, each could be considered the first FPS (first-person shooter). Next was Catacomb 3D, a three-dimensional version of a 2D action game we made, but this time with textured walls (in 16-color EGA) and a hand casting magic fireballs. Sometimes a fireball would hit a wall and it would disappear, revealing a secret room or path. We were then ready to try 256-color VGA. We were looking for a theme. I came up with a hundred different ideas… but we needed something simple and brutal, like the engine was………DOWNLOAD


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