Game Engine Black Book (v1.1)

Like its predecessor, this volume attempts to describe in great detail both the hardware and the software of the era. It opens a window back in time peeking over the engineering used to solve the various problems id Software encountered during the eleven months it took them to ship their next title. It may seem odd to write a book about a game twenty-five years after its release. After all, who would be interested in seemingly outdated technology found in extinct hardware running obsolete operating systems? Given the success of the first Black Book, it turns out many. Whether readers are into history, nostalgia, engineering, or even philosophy, it seems there is an edge for everyone.


Fabien Sanglard

venture Game Award from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. With more than two million copies sold and an estimated 20 million shareware installations, at its height the phenomenon generated close to $100,000 per day. Before the term was overtaken by “First Person Shooter” people talked about “Doom clones”……..DOWNLOAD



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