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NEEDED MONEY OF MY OWN, SO I STARTED SLANGIN’ LYRIC FROM SONG: “DEAR MAMA” ON ALBUM: ME AGAINST THE WORLD BY ARTIST: 2PAC For some people, there comes a time during their youth when they realize they can no longer live the lifestyle they want based solely on the support of individuals such as their mother who may provide for them, so they begin selling drugs as a way to survive and secure their own financial well-being.

BAG FULL OF CHIPS—WE AIN’T TALKIN’ RUFFLES LYRIC FROM SONG: “THROW IT IN THE BAG” ON ALBUM: LOSO’S WAY BY ARTIST: FABOLOUS I have a bag that contains a large amount of paper money that I am describing by using a term that stems from the circular disks casinos use as in-house currency, clarifying that it is not a particular brand of thin crinkle-cut potato slices that you may have thought I was referring to.

THAT PABLO ESCOBAR CRACK MONEY LYRIC FROM SONG: “MONEY” ON ALBUM: LAX BY ARTIST: THE GAME I am striving to accumulate the same amount of wealth an infamous Colombian drug lord had at the height of his career—somewhere in the billions of dollars.

YOU CAN CALL ME SCROOGE, ’CAUSE I’M SWIMMIN’IN BUCKS LYRIC FROM SONG: “TALKINABOUT IT” ON ALBUM: THE LEAK BY ARTIST: LIL WAYNE Since I have a great deal of money, you may wish to refer to me by the first name of a talking duck from comics and cartoons who has a vault room filled with gold coins, jewels, and cash, which he swan-dives into and tunnels through like he’s swimming, since I might be able to do the same. ………..DOWNLOAD


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