Finish What You Start

The Art of Following Through, Taking Action, Executing, & SelfDiscipline By Peter Hollins, Author and Researcher at CNETBUY.COM


Inhibiting Tactics
Inhibiting tactics refer to our schemes for misusing time and effort, with the end result of our being held
back from following through. These are ways we sabotage ourselves, sometimes consciously. These
tactics, which include (1) setting bad goals, (2) procrastination, (3) indulging in temptations and
distractions, and (4) poor time management, inhibit us from maximizing the time and energy we have
toward productive ends.

Setting bad goals.

One way we handicap ourselves from following through is by setting bad goals, such
as those that are too abstract or downright impossible. Setting bad goals is like buying the wrong map for
a road trip; it prevents us from following through because the directions are skewed and confusing. It
eventually causes us to lose patience and will to keep on in our journey, which we often end up
abandoning halfway through.
When our goals are too abstract, we find ourselves lost as to what needs to be done in order to reach
them. For example, if we say our goal is to be healthier and yet don’t even specify what we mean by
“healthier,” we’re less likely to take steps toward accomplishing it. We want to follow through, but we
don’t know how.
When our goals are too high or unrealistic for any mortal to reach, we find ourselves looking up at an
impossibly high ladder without rungs. The beauty of this is that no one would be able to accuse us of not
trying hard enough to climb, because there are no rungs in the first place. We are absolved from the guilt
of not following through. Take for instance a plant manager aiming to double manufacturing output despite
real logistical limitations.
Since the goal is impossible to achieve anyway, whether he follows through or not wouldn’t make a
difference—and so he’s saved from both the trouble of having to follow through and the guilt from not
doing so.


This is one of the most widely used tactics in the book. We are somehow exceptionally
talented at delaying work until we absolutely need to do it, until the very last minute. In fact, we’re so
talented at delaying work that we could convince others (and even ourselves) that we’re already working
even when we’re not…………… DOWNLOAD


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